The Vampire Nobody Wants to Have Sex With

Right now, I’m listening to: Industrial Estate–The Fall

It’s Nosferatu!! Whether it’s Murnau’s original that set the bar for creepy awesomeness, Klaus Kinski’s1979  version, or even Willem Dafoe in Shadow of the Vampire, I defy anyone to get turned on by this guy! He doesn’t have a marbly six-pack. He does not sparkle. Maybe he’s super-strong. Maybe he has special, sexy powers. He may even have a super-huge member, but nobody knows. Nobody wants to know. Nobody’s tappin’ that.

Seriously, I’m hard-pressed to come up with another horror film quite this atmospheric. Simple, effective, and so very creepy.

Happy Halloween, ya’ll! Hope any vampires you meet tonight are of the sexy variety 😉

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