There’s no such thing as a good cover.

I overheard that recently, and I call bullshit. What a thing to say! Just think of all the bands struggling out there in bars and daytime festivals across the globe. Covers are the ONLY good thing some of them can manage, and as a half-drunk patron at these venues, I appreciate their hard work and effort to connect. But I see the argument. A cover version rarely does the original any kind of justice. But is it better to try to stick to the original, or make it entirely your own?

Guess it depends on how strongly you feel about the original artist.  In my case:

  • U2’s Where the Streets Have No Name covered by The Pet Shop Boys = hell yeah! The Frankie Valli chorus is a nice touch too.
  • Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal covered by Alien Ant Farm =  I’ll allow it.
  • New order’s Blue Monday covered by Orgy = Grr! Step away from my band. Don’t care what it sounds like, lalalalalala not listening, turn it off!

So I want to know the covers you love and the ones you love to hate–the good, the bad, and the truly bizarre. And try to top the genius of Klaus Nomi, RIP: