The Vampire Nobody Wants to Have Sex With

Right now, I’m listening to: Industrial Estate–The Fall

It’s Nosferatu!! Whether it’s Murnau’s original that set the bar for creepy awesomeness, Klaus Kinski’s1979  version, or even Willem Dafoe in Shadow of the Vampire, I defy anyone to get turned on by this guy! He doesn’t have a marbly six-pack. He does not sparkle. Maybe he’s super-strong. Maybe he has special, sexy powers. He may even have a super-huge member, but nobody knows. Nobody wants to know. Nobody’s tappin’ that.

Seriously, I’m hard-pressed to come up with another horror film quite this atmospheric. Simple, effective, and so very creepy.

Happy Halloween, ya’ll! Hope any vampires you meet tonight are of the sexy variety 😉

Oscar and Disco Gold

Can you name a 1978 Oscar winner Starring Debra Winger and Jeff Goldblum?


Ohhh…and Donna Summer?

Give up? The Oscar goes to……Thank God it’s Friday!

Seriously, this movie won an Oscar. For Best Song, anyway. Now when I was in high school, I had a slight disco obsession and a well-equipped independent video store in town, but somehow I missed this movie until it showed up on my Netflix rec list like some magical omen.  A movie about a Friday night dance contest, a disco, a fledgeling DJ with a make-or-break chance to get The Commodores in his club on time, and Donna Summer trying all sorts of schemes to get said DJ to play her demo. Add in disco producer Chick Vennera in a skintight leather outfit dispensing advice and performing a dance number that rivals anything in Footloose, yet somehow comes across as less gay. And don’t forget loads of sight gags based on a giant pepper mill. I couldn’t resist, and I must say this movie did not disappoint.

Will The Commodores show up in time? Will Donna Summer get to sing “Last Dance?” Will the high school girls win the dance contest? Will an eyeliner-sporting Jeff Goldblum seduce the married woman? How many cars were abused in the making of this movie? You must rent this DVD to find out, but here’s a little taste of excellence:

Remember– it’s Dancing! Everything else is bullshit!