Gratuitous, retro man-candy!

Fellow blogger Diane Vallere  calls these time machine crushes. I love the term, and it gives a name to my disease. Ah, the time machine crush: it doesn’t matter if these men are senior citizens, raging addicts, married, or even dead. The time machine crush is eternal, unsullied by the downer that is “real life.” Bring on the obscure, bring on the mod suits, the crazy hair, and oh, yes–the TMC staple–the Tight Pants! I could make a whole satellite blog on this subject alone….ahem.  I swear I wasn’t this bad before YouTube. Anyhoo, here’s my short list:

  • Bowie, Ziggy Stardust era. Of course he’s the super-influential musical genius and style icon, but he also originated the mullet while wearing a leotard. That alone should get him on anyone’s list. 
  • Donovan, sweet folk boy. Catch the Wind is a total tear-jerker.
  • Eric Burdon, mid-sixties. Oh, I’ll bring it on home to you, Eric–any time!!
  • Bernard Sumner. I was twelve when I first heard New Order and it changed my life. Then I saw what Barney looked like–’nuff’ said. This gig is the Holy Grail of  time machine goodness!
  • This one’s a little more obscure–A Certain Ratio. Simon Topping’s the singer–he even sounds yummy.
  • Phil Lynott and Gary Moore–best buddies, so lovable with the hair, the expressions, the costume changes, and tight pants ahoy!

I could go on, but you get the idea–and I’m thinking this will be a series. So what are yours?

3 thoughts on “Gratuitous, retro man-candy!

  1. My Time Machine Crush, love that too by the way, is Andrew McCarthy from Pretty in Pink. I’m obsessed with John Hughes movies anyway but I love me some Andrew McCarthy still to this day!!

    • Thanks, Annabeth! I love John Hughes movies too. Andrew McCarthy is really cute in Pretty in Pink. PIP has the best soundtrack, one of the tracks is an instrumental of Thieves Like Us, by man candy crush New Order!! I also love Bring on the Dancing Horses. Love me some Echo & the Bunnymen, too. First in line for part two of this stimulating topic!

  2. David Bowie and Donovan – yeah, babee – I’ve seen them both perform and they remain tops in my book(s). Donovan’s voice in the late 1990’s was even better than when he was young – more full and rich. Yum. I could have scooped him right up and…well, never mind…

    And David Bowie – he’d moved on from Ziggy when I saw him in Chicago but damn, he was gorgeous. Even from afar. Well, okay, I wasn’t close at all and that was before stadium screens, but even so…Iman is one lucky woman.

    So, okay, I’ll admit that I still have crushes. Yeah, I’m older and all, but what the hell. Why give up a good thing? Especially if it works?

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