A Day for Letting Go

I borrowed my post title from the song by The Charlatans. There are times we all need to let go of emotional involvement–when the same things are said, the same struggles spin round and round without resolution. I’ve come to the realization my current manuscript and I need a break. To see other people. I have a feeling it won’t be a forever thing–it’s never truly over with a first love, but I need some space. It will be good for the both of us. So aside from getting it ready for the Golden Heart, I’m calling it off. I’ve signed up for NaNoWriMo for the first time ever, and beginning  November 1st, I’ll be starting my new story! A whirlwind affair! No baggage!!

Then, I’ll come crawling back, hopefully with fresh insights and a new perspective.

So when did you know it was time to let go of a story or other creative endeavor…or anything else? Did it hurt?

2 thoughts on “A Day for Letting Go

  1. Going with the music themes…the first cut is the deepest. Baby, I know. It hurts to give up the manuscript you’re sure was torn from you waving its arms and bawling it’s little eyes out. And then it turns out to be a juvenile delinquent. What’s a parent to do?

    Oh, wait…you’re talking about a love affair. Sorry.

    I finally threw my first novel on the shelf and I’m glad I did. The best characters climbed down and back into my head, in time to show up as stars in the second book. And they’re better for it. I am too.

    That said, give your first book a break. Stop listening to people who want to help you make it better. Then kiss and make up. You’ll find it’s not as bad as you were told – that little sucker really knows how to move. It’s a matter of trust. All good relationships have it. And no work is ever wasted.

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